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Engage Mindfully is a culture movement!

Our mission is to partner with individuals and organizations to strengthen emotional intelligence in the world, specifically through Self Awareness, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. Our vision is to create and support inclusion in communities of practice through Mindfulness and the enhancement of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 

Our approach is based on the Engage Mindfully Framework for positive human and organizational development. We provide coaching, leadership development, tools, and hold space for you to do the inward and outward work. 


Leadership Development that 

is heart centered and purpose driven


Rituals and Routines that promote mindfulness 

Physical spaces conducive 

for learning and transformation



If you are interested in doing your part to create a more whole and inclusive community or workplace, start by checking out our Mindful Engagement cards.

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Mindful Engagement cards
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Mindful Engagement cards

The Mindful Engagement cards deck contains 31 cards inspired by the top core values for cultivating inclusion. Each card asks a provocative question and offers an action to help bring each core value to life. We call these manageable actions “intentions” for example:

  • If you want to practice Mindfulness - Listen Thoughtfully 

  • If you want to have Reciprocal Accountability-Take Responsibility 

  • If you want to foster Innovation - Practice Being Curious

We invite you to use the cards alone or in a group setting to create and hold intentions for your interactions and communication. You can pick a card at random or intentionally choose a card that feel the most relevant.

Each purchase comes with a 30-minute free phone consultation to explore an entry point for using the cards. If you are interested contact us here to schedule your call.



Who we are

Stephanie Ervin


Stephanie’s purpose in the world is to inspire others to lead with their hearts and spread the power of emotional intelligence in the world. She is currently the co-founder of EngageMindfully.

Stephanie is a well respected thought leader who specializes in organizational culture and adult learning. She is an inspiring partner and collaborator who is masterful at designing and facilitating optimal learning experiences. 

Over the past decade, she has founded, designed, and led strengths-based leadership pathways in large public education institutions. Her award-winning work on action research and communities of practice (CoP) has been featured in Mills College’s research publications.

For Stephanie, living and leading OnPurose is the ultimate goal for having a happy and full life! 


Belinda Liu

Belinda Liu is a teacher, community builder, and social entrepreneur. For over a decade, she worked in the urban public education system to create thriving environments for students to learn and adults to lead. Her superpowers are shining a light on people’s strengths, bringing them out into the world, and creating intentional learning communities.

She is a Teach for America alumni, Fulbright China Scholar, and featured Huffington Post blogger on redefining success and using tech for human connection. She holds a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University.